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    Q: When should we expect our commission payouts for my current bonus week?

    A: NuCerity pays commissions two weeks in arrears for each bonus period.

    For example: if the commission period ends on Sunday, June 9, 2013, commission amounts will be posted in the Team Office no later than Friday of the current week, which would be the 14th. Commissions are prepared for release the following week on a Friday, June 21, 2013.

    Week ending 5/19, checks are mailed out / direct deposited, 5/31
    Week ending 5/26, checks are mailed out / direct deposited, 6/7
    Week ending 6/2, checks are mailed out / direct deposited, 6/14
    Week ending 6/9, checks are mailed out / direct deposited, 6/21

    Q: How can I set up my replicated site? What is my website link?

    A: Your replicated site is generated the moment your enrollment is finalized. Your username is used as part of the link to your new website, example: www.mynucerity.biz/(username). So whatever your username is set to, that is what goes behind mynucerity.biz/.

    To maximize the performance of your NuCerity website, please be sure to customize it with your business information. To edit your site, login into your Team Office and select Marketing Tools > New Rep Site. Here, you may add the information you would like displayed on your site and share your personal story. Please remember to SAVE all changes.

    Q: I am on autoship, but my Team Office reads that I am inactive. Why?

    A: The NuCerity bonus pay periods begin on Mondays; therefore, if your autoship is scheduled for a day later in the week, your Team Office will read that you are inactive until your shipment is processed. For example: If your autoship is scheduled on a Thursday, your Team Office will state that you are “inactive” until Thursday when your shipment is processed. This will not affect your rank, volume, or income as long as your autoship is successfully processed when it is due.

    Q: I would like to send a package to someone in another country where NuCerity is fully opened.  My Team Office does not allow this.  How can I accomplish this?

    A: If you would like to drop-ship a package to someone in another country, you will need to contact Customer Support so that they may process the order for you.  Please have the following information handy:

    • First and last name for the recipient
    • Valid shipping address
    • Phone number
    • Complete credit card information
    • Correct billing address for the credit card that will be used

    Q: My Autoship has been declined.  What do I do?

    A: You will need to contact Customer Support immediately to have this rectified.  If you do not, you are running the risk of your accumulated Commissionable Volume flushing. (we will allow a one-time courtesy volume restoration if this happens for the first time).  We highly encourage that you add a backup payment method, in case of emergencies, so that your volume stays intact.

    Contact Customer Service at:

    1 (800) 961-2291 Toll Free USA
    1 (877) 636-0222 Toll Free Canada
    0 1 (800) 557-5566 Toll Free Mexico

    Q: How can I reset my password?

    A: To reset your password you will need to log into your Team Office account.

    • Go to ‘My Account’ and then ‘Account Settings’.
    • From there, you will click on ‘Username’.
    NOTE: If you are using Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, you will notice your screen bouncing repeatedly. You may either ignore it or switch to Internet Explorer.
    • Click ‘Save’ when the final changes have been made.

    Q: How do I upload my photo onto my replicated site?

    A: To upload your photo, you’ll need to do the following:

    1. Log into your Team Office.
    2. Scroll to the bottom of your home page to see a preview of your site.
    3. Click EDIT (this will bring up your site to modify).
    4. Put your cursor over the silhouette where your photograph will go.
    5. Click on the arrow that will appear. This will bring up your CONTENT EDITOR.
    6. Click on ADD.
    7. Browse for your photo.
    8. Select and upload (please make sure that you check the boxes shown).
    9. Crop or move your image if desired. Click SAVE THUMBNAIL.
    10. Click SAVE.
    11. Click INSERT.
    12. Crop again if so desired.
    13. Click SAVE.

    You will now have your picture saved and uploaded!

    Q: I made a mistake on the placement of my enrollee.  How can this be fixed?

    A: You have up to 24 hours after you enroll a distributor to make any sponsor/placement changes. These changes will need to be reported via email to support@nucerity.com.  If you wish to make changes over the weekend, as long as you email within those initial 24 hours after the enrollment, they will be made the following Monday morning.

    Q: What is the importance of an Autoship deadline?

    A: Autoship is the easiest way to keep your account active and ensure your eligibility for commission payouts.  Keeping up with your Autoship is fairly important to your business center and to those on your team.  If your payment fails or if you decide to cancel your Autoship order, any accumulated volume will be erased and may not be restored.  Please be sure to contact our Customer Support Center for anything that needs to be rectified.

    To do this, call our toll free customer service line:

    1 (800) 961-2291 Toll Free USA
    1 (877) 636-0222 Toll Free Canada
    0 1 (800) 557-5566 Toll Free Mexico

    Q: What is the deadline on when I am able to modify/cancel an order?

    A: If you wish to modify an order, you will need to notify NuCerity before 12 p.m. Central Standard Time, the day your shipment is to be sent.

    To do this, call our toll free customer service line:

    1 (800) 961-2291 Toll Free USA
    1 (877) 636-0222 Toll Free Canada
    0 1 (800) 557-5566 Toll Free Mexico

    NOTE: Shipping times may vary.  Modifications may not always be granted.

    Q: When can I expect my commission check? Why am I not receiving it at the end of the pay week?

    A: Commission checks are sent out weekly on Friday mornings; however, you will not receive your check immediately after the close of the pay week.  Before they are sent out, all payments, orders, and returns must be fully processed and confirmed.  This means that you will receive your check two weeks after the end of each pay week.

    Q: Why does my Team Office show I’m ‘Inactive’ when I have an Autoship?

    A: All of your Autoship orders are scheduled every 28 days from your previous shipment.  Because it is a 28 day cycle and not 30/31 days, that means that there will be days that your Team Office will display that you are ‘Inactive’.  Our bonus periods start every Monday.  If your Autoship is scheduled later in the week, the system will display that you are inactive until it is processed.

    For example: if your Autoship is scheduled on a Thursday, Monday through Wednesday your Team Office will display that you currently don’t meet the active requirement until your Autoship is processed Thursday morning.

    *For a helpful training video “Autoship and Bonus Periods”, go to NuCerity University and find it under the ‘Compensation’ tab.

    Q: How do I change my Autoship orders?

    A: Autoship orders are managed through your Team Office.

    1. To change the product selection for your Autoship, please log in your Team Office account.
    2. See “Manage Autoship”, under “QUICK LINKS”.
    3. Click “Add/Change” and enter a number in the quantity box of the product you wish to receive.
    4. Verify your payment and shipping address.
    5. Select “Save”.
    6. Wait for your new Autoship order to be delivered.
    7. Enjoy!